Roko: Week 1

It’s been quite the first week for young Roko. His entire life has been flipped upside down, inside out, and backwards. He’s had to face and deal with the proverbial changing of the guard – meaning: he no longer gets to control or make decisions about anything – he’s had to learn to start thinking before he reacts or responds, and he’s had to learn that his choices matter. It’s been a huge adjustment period for young Roko.

Although he’s still vocalizing and acting out when he doesn’t get his way, Roko is finally starting to figure out that there’s no payoff for that behavior. He’s also starting to figure out that being with Glimmer or Violet means he must control his excitement, or deal with their corrections and continue to be rejected.

On the walk, Roko is making slow but steady progress. He’s very excited to explore and investigate everything, but he’s learning that pulling is not the way to get that. He’s learning that he has to wait for permission – which he gets every couple of minutes, as long as he’s been walking nicely instead of pulling.

Because he’s having a bit of trouble sharing resources, Roko is still eating in a separate room instead of in the kitchen with Glimmer and Violet. As we begin Week 2 of his program, I’m going to start working him towards the kitchen for meals.

The goals for Week 2 are as follows:

— consistently walking nicely on the leash
— eating in the kitchen with Glimmer and Violet
— walking with more than one person at a time
— continued socialization to other people and other animals
— continued basics practice [including counter-surfing]
— continued freedom indoors
— ongoing treadmill time [to help drain out excess energy]

All things considered, Roko has actually adapted fairly well to things this first week. He’s presented some unexpected behaviors, but we’re dealing with them as they come up. Slowly but steadily, young Roko is starting to become more stable.

It’s pretty chilly outside right now, but the forecast says we’re going to get some sunshine and reach a high of about 3ºC. That’s good weather to be outdoors practicing leash and walking manners.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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