Roko: Day 5

Roko’s temper tantrums are finally decreasing both in frequency and intensity. He is still whining and acting out when he isn’t getting something he wants, but he’s responding to redirection much faster. He is also showing improvement in kennel training exercises, which currently vary in duration time from 2 to 5 minutes due to a very low threshold for separation and/or isolation.

Interaction between Roko, Glimmer, and Violet has been better today. He was able to stay calm with Glimmer for about two minutes before he lost control and became too excited. Today, his interest in Violet has been, for the most part, rather stoic. He appears to be starting to make a connection between his excitement and her swats on his nose, and her tolerance of him when he controls himself.

Roko did some more time on the treadmill. I increased the pace a little, as he was paying more attention to what my husband was eating and to what Glimmer was doing than he was to balancing and making sure his feet were placed properly so he wouldn’t get pinched. His focus did improve, and he spent several minutes on the machine.

I took Roko to two different pet stores to work on social skills and general manners. He did pretty good, considering the abundance of different scents, sounds, and sights. He met a couple of people in each store, and he handled himself quite well. At the second pet store, a training class was in progress and there was a large, very vocal coon hound in the first aisle near the doors. Roko immediately became overly excited and started lunging against the leash, but he responded fairly quickly to redirection, and he made a real effort to get himself under control. I was very pleased with him.

It’s been a long, challenging, stimulating day for young Roko. He’s worked very hard today, and he’s earned the lamb-stuffed beef bone he’s now enjoying in the dog bed. I was unable to get any photos of his day today, but there will be many more opportunities for that in the days to come. Great work today, young Roko. Great work, indeed.


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