Board and Train: How Does it Work?

Good morning and Happy 2020 to you! Today, I’m answering the question about what happens after you submit an application for my Board and Train program:

Step One: I come to your home to meet you, your family, and your dog. We discuss the problems and challenges you’re experiencing with your pup while I observe his or her behavior. This is the consultation process, and it takes about an hour.

Step Two: We arrange two meetings for the dogs, both of which will be held in neutral outdoor locations for safety. The first meeting allows me to see how your dog feels about other dogs, and both dogs get each other’s scent. At the second meeting – arranged for a few days later – we walk the dogs together and allow them to get more familiar with each other. This is an important process; your dog will be coming into a strange environment, and having a friend there will make things much easier for him or her.

Step Three: At the end of the second meeting, we set a date for your dog’s arrival – usually, a few days later. At this time, we’ll also discuss whether you want to bring your dog to me, or you want me to pick him or her up.

I hope this has clarified things for you. I know it can all seem complicated and a bit intimidating, at first. Just remember, I’m here for you; if you’re not sure about something, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on. 🙂


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