Stella: Day 8, Morning

Miss Stella is feeling a bit blue this morning. She’s had to deal with a lot of changes over the past week, and it hasn’t been easy for her. But, once the sun is up and I can get her out for a nice walk, she’ll feel much better. She does love to be outdoors, and she really loves her walks.

Stella has become very attached to my husband. When he gets home from work, she gets so excited that her tail practically wags itself right off of her body. She spins around in circles and then dances around like she’s a young puppy again. And the way her eyes light up… It’s beautiful.

Yesterday, I decided to keep her on the leash but remove her muzzle. I want her to learn how to relax around Glimmer and Violet, and I’ve wondered if maybe the muzzle has been impeding her progress instead of helping it. It does subdue her, and it does protect Glimmer and Violet from a bite, but I noticed that when she doesn’t wear it, she’s calmer – at least, around Violet. I do have to watch her body language, of course, especially when Glimmer is nearby. But she does seem to doing better, now, without the muzzle – and she does seem to be learning that her behavior determines whether or not she has to wear it.

Due to the way things have been this past week, I haven’t introduced Stella to the treadmill. Usually, Glimmer assists with treadmill introductions, but because of the current tensions between her and Stella, she’ll have to sit this one out. I’ll be introducing Stella to the machine after my husband is home from work. He’ll take Glimmer and Violet into a different part of the house, which I hope will help Stella relax and just be in the moment, rather than go into a guarding state.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on. An update on how Stella handles the treadmill will be posted later today.


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