Stella: Day 2, Day’s End

Stella had a really good day overall. She was polite with Glimmer and Violet, and at one point, she even initiated contact with my husband by getting up on the loveseat and then laying down beside him. We both were very surprised by this: Stella doesn’t offer or ask for affection from people she hardly knows. She’s still getting used to my husband, who she only met on Friday afternoon.

Stella’s behavior throughout the day was very good. It was only as bedtime approached that she started vocalizing – whining, getting growly, and then outright barking. This is a new behavior, and one I neither knew about nor expected from her. She led me to the bedroom and headed straight for the kennel; then, as soon as I removed her collar and leash, she went into the kennel and immediately settled down.

As she continues to adjust to the household routine, Stella seems to be less “on” and more relaxed for longer periods of time. However, while she is learning how to relax, she is also showing signs of boredom – which means she’s ready, now, to really work. Day 3, here we come….


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