Approaching Four

On September 15, 2019, Happy Dawgs Obedience Training turns 4 years old. Every dog I’ve worked with over these past four years has, of course, stolen my heart. But there are two who touched my very soul and forever changed my life on a deeply profound and fundamental level: Ben, and Lupin.

Both of these dogs were extraordinary and very challenging cases. Ben was the 3-year-old rescue whose last hope for redemption was put into my hands; Lupin was the young Thai Ridgeback who was dangerously food possessive, highly reactive to strangers and other animals, and constantly on alert. In ways only they could achieve, both of these amazing dogs stripped me down to my very core and helped me find myself again. They helped me remember who and what I was, and in the process, they helped me see the truth of myself. Because of the unparalleled patience, unconditional love, and sometimes painful instruction these two incredible dogs gave me, not only have I been able to withstand the many challenges that have since come into my life, I’ve also been able to practice the same lessons I taught them: Observe, assess, and then make a decision about how to respond.

As I prepare to celebrate this 4th year in business, I carry in my heart and soul the extraordinary, unconditional love, trust, and patience Ben and Lupin gave me. I will never forget them, and I am so, so happy that they both are living happy, fulfilling lives.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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