Introducing: Amber

Say hello to Amber. Amber is a 7-month-old Wheaton terrier from an isolated community in the middle of nowhere. Until yesterday, her entire world consisted mainly of her two siblings, her kennel, and the elderly human who gave her food. At this time, her challenges are as follows:

: no experience with collar or leash
: not house-broken/potty trained
: no experience/negative experience with human touch [based on reactions]
: very insecure and fearful due to almost complete lack of socialization
: exhibits high fear and anxiety when left alone in the kennel
: no experience with stairs or steps of any size or height

Among other things she will be learning during her stay with me, Amber is also receiving the following:

: kennel reprogramming
: collar and leash training
: obedience basics
: house-breaking/potty training
: socialization [including humans, other animals, social situations

Despite her fear and anxiety, Amber has already been showing a strong desire to learn, to please, and to be included. This will serve her very well as she starts to gain confidence and learns to trust. It’s going to be quite the journey with little Amber, and I’m looking forward to watching her come out of her shell and blossom into the sweet, loving, amazing dog both I and her family already know she can be.


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