Skylar: Day 16

  Last night, I took Skylar to one of our local pet stores. Known for its friendly and accommodating staff, its variety of choices ranging from food and training equipment to toys and rescue animals available for adoption, and its huge popularity to customers and their dogs, it was the perfect place to go for social conditioning work. Not only could she practice the coping skills she’s been learning, she would also gain more confidence as she faced each trigger and realized that nothing bad was happening to her.

As the highlights video shows, Skylar did an amazing job. She was nervous and anxious, but she did an phenomenal job of practicing self-calming techniques and trusting me to keep her safe. I just could not be more proud of her. She really has come a long way forward from the terrified girl she was 16 days ago. Beautifully done, Skylar. You go, girl!


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