Daisy Does…

It’s hard to believe six weeks have come and gone. But last night, 15-weeks-old Labradoodle Daisy was put through her paces in a test of endurance, focus, and obedience that would either see her go forward to the next phase of her training, or hold her back to repeat the first one.

Daisy was having an off day, and it showed. She was slow to respond to Casandra, and she resisted her on the leash by taking it in her mouth and trying to tug on it in an effort to stop the work being done. She was better with Tyler, but she still made it clear she didn’t want to work. Even when the treats were brought out to encourage a quicker, more favorable response, Daisy struggled to perform.

But, by raising their energy to a more playful level, being patient and consistent with each test, Daisy finally managed to pull herself together and show her people and me that she knew the tasks and she could perform them properly. Because of Casandra and Tyler’s patience and persistence, Daisy passed her exam and earned her Obedience Basics certificate.

Congratulations, Casandra, Tyler, and Daisy! Keep up the great work, and remember: Stay calm and lead on… 🙂


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