Daisy’s Basics: Week 5

 Daisy the Labradoodle is now 15 weeks old. Last night’s lesson was the last before her Basics exam later this week. She still has a long way to go in terms of mastering her lessons, but considering both her age and the brutally cold weather we’ve been dealing with, her family has been doing a great job keeping her brain engaged and her puppy energy at a manageable level. As a result, Daisy has made tremendous progress.

Last night, we did a recap of everything they’ve learned so far, and then added a couple of fun tricks for them and Daisy to learn and practice. I’ve found this helps build and strengthen the dog-human bond, especially during times when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activity.

Daisy’s progress has been quite remarkable, and I am very proud of her family for their commitment to her. They all work very hard practicing and reinforcing what she’s learned each week, and I know that whether they take her to Therapy certification, or all the way to Service Animal certification, their dedication to her will help Daisy become the loyal, loving, and trustworthy dog they can rely on and be proud of.

Excellent job, Team Daisy! Keep it up!


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