Introducing: Lupin

Meet Lupin, a 15-month-old male Blue Thai Ridgeback. This beautiful boy is going to be boarding and training with me for a whole month, beginning this weekend. To learn more about this ancient breed, click this link.

Lupin has trouble being calm and relaxed around strangers, other animals, and food, and he has some trouble with sharing affection and attention. He lives with a cat and another dog who is old, deaf, and blind. He has no trouble with the cat, but he has had issues with the other dog. So, Lupin is going to be learning a lot during his stay with me.

In this video, Lupin was being slowly and carefully introduced to Glimmer. I had already been working him around her – and several other dogs that were out with their owners – for about half an hour. His owner was so surprised to see him transforming from a state of over-excitement and reactive behavior, to a much calmer, more focused state right in front of her eyes that she asked if she could video the session. “No one will believe me when I tell them,” she said.  😀

Lupin arrives this weekend. I hope you enjoy his journey.  Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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