Board and Train: Storm, Day 6

Storm has made great progress in the time she’s been with me. She has made improvements all across the board. She’s going to need support and ongoing attention to help reinforce the desired behaviors she’s learned here, but on the whole, she’s done a great job learning, practicing, and trying hard to practice her lessons.

Today is Day 6. It is Storm’s last full day in the program. Among other things, we’re working on adding a bark to her potty alert. She’s got the door-scratching part down, but she needs to “speak” as well so that her people will know she has to go. Storm is still having trouble understanding that part of the alert, so I’m rewarding her for everything she does that could lead up to it – e.g., if she whines, she gets rewarded. Baby steps, baby steps…

Have a great day, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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