Board and Train: Storm, Day 3

Storm had an excellent Day 2!  Today is Day 3 of Storm’s training, and it’s time to add some new challenges. To start her off, I’m going to do some confidence-building work with her. We live close to a high school that has concrete seating areas and ledges that are perfect for working on. After we’re finished there, if the temperature is still cool enough, we’ll finish up in the back yard on a long line practicing distance recall, loose-leash heeling, sit, down, stay, bed, and more. Between working in an unfamiliar area and dealing with a ton of distractions, Storm is going to have to work very hard to stay focused on me and trust me. To help reinforce that, I will be using food rewards.

Once it becomes too warm to be working outside, we’ll continue to work inside. Learning a new potty alert, as well as working around food without touching it will be the two main indoor lessons. For these two exercises, the clicker and verbal praise will be used to reinforce the desired behaviors.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.



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