Storm: Week 5

Storm has made tremendous progress since the last posting. She is doing very well with entry and exit, she is not biting as much on the leash since her people followed through on my advice to have it on her at all times, and she is getting much better about alerting when she has to potty. To my great delight, not only did she not rush the door when I arrived for our lesson, but she did a very good job of trying not to jump on me when I entered the house. All in all, I was very pleased with the progress she’s made since the last lesson. Here she is doing a wonderful job of practicing a down-stay distance recall exercise:

To help Storm get to where she should be at this point in her lessons, she will be coming into my board and train program. With the help of my dog and cat, as well as human family and friends, Storm will more quickly learn and start to practice everything she needs to know to be a polite, relaxed, loving, gentle family pet. In the process, she will not only get the socialization she needs to help her achieve and maintain a calmer state, she’ll also learn how to stay focused on tasks for longer periods of time. Although she does her best to stay focused during lessons, her attention span needs work.

Overall, this past week was a really good one for little Storm. It is obvious that her people have been working very hard with her, and I commend them on that. Considering how incredibly hectic and busy their lives are, it’s clear that they are committed to their pup.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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