Glimmer: Boot Camp Report #2

Sometimes, life happens when you’re making plans and trying to meet your goals. For Week 2 of Glimmer’s Boot Camp Basics program, that’s exactly what happened. Life got in the way, and we had to find other ways to meet the week’s goals.

Which we did. Glimmer did a very good job with the mat and return to heel exercises. She needs more work on the heel exercises, as she either didn’t come all the way, or she veered sideways and went into an incorrect sit position. However, that was not her fault; it was mine. I didn’t meet her properly. Instead of moving directly into her, which would make her move to the heel position, I moved to the side, giving way to her.

Week 3 begins today. This week, we’ll be working on the stand position and loose-leash heeling. Also included in the session are the lessons from the first two weeks – as noted at the start of the program. Glimmer has already been doing a decent job with the stand position, but she doesn’t hold it on her own. Her loose-leash heeling also needs a lot of work; she’s been pulling a lot when she’s been out on walks. I do understand that it’s because she’s been cooped up due to bad weather, but that doesn’t make it okay.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.


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