Choosing A Collar

Trainers use all kinds of different tools. Today’s post is about collars.

There are a wide variety of collars available. Flat [or buckle], pinch [a.k.a. prong], choke [a.k.a. training], and so on. With such a variety to choose from, which is the best, safest, and most effective collar to use?

Every trainer and owner has their preference. Mine is the Martingale collar, also called a limited cinch collar.  The small cinch responds very similarly to a training collar, in that it “cinches” when pulled on. However, unlike a standard training collar, the pressure is evenly distributed around the dog’s entire neck, thereby preventing damage to the dog’s throat.  With other collars, there is a risk of causing injury to the trachea.

Another reason I prefer the Martingale over all other collars is the absence of discomfort for the dog. I have used all types of collars, and what I’ve found with almost all of them – except the Martingale – is that even mild corrections placed an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the dog’s throat, which in turn created a negative impact on the dog’s desire to learn.

When training your dog, you want them to be happy and excited about learning how to be with you. You want them to have a positive experience each and every time, as that helps build and strengthen the bond of mutual trust and respect. So, you want to use tools that facilitate, encourage, and reinforce that. A Martingale collar is a great start.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.


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