Working the Issues

Happy Thursday! It’s chilly and snowing here in Calgary today, but that won’t stop training time. Today, I’m going to be working Glimmer on her Support lessons. She does “okay” with the pressure and grounding exercises, but “okay” is not good enough. She’s fantastic about helping when she’s not called on to do so, but not so much when she is called on. When she’s asked for help, she’s still too slow to respond, and she’s still breaking position when she wants to move instead of holding the positions until she’s released.

Exposure therapy has worked wonders on Glimmer’s confidence. She’s become much more curious about things that used to trigger panic attacks, her tendency to try and run from what scares her has decreased significantly, and her anxiety with the car, as well as with walking in unfamiliar areas, has improved by leaps and bounds. She still gets a little nervous in the car and in unfamiliar areas, but she isn’t suffering full-blown panic attacks anymore. That is huge progress!

Have a great Thursday, everyone, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.


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