Glimmer the Angel

Just after 2am this morning, I was woken from a deep sleep by the worst bout of acid reflux I’ve ever had in my life.  I was choking, I couldn’t breathe, my throat was on fire from the acid… It was nasty, and it scared the crap out of me.

Glimmer was asleep in the dog bed in my office. When she heard me choking, she immediately came in to my bedroom. I was panicking. I couldn’t breathe; I was gagging and choking and gasping for air, and I felt like a wild fire was raging in my throat. I was so terrified that I was nearly in tears. Glimmer saw that I was genuinely in trouble and she responded immediately.

Glimmer got up on the bed and pushed her body into my side. When I grabbed the garbage pail because I couldn’t get to the bathroom, she remained calm and held her position. When I tried to move away from her, she followed, refusing to allow any break in physical contact. Throughout the entire ordeal, despite the high intensity of my panic, Glimmer held her position and remained calm.

It may not seem like a big deal to anyone reading this, but what Glimmer did was extraordinary. What she did required a level of confidence we haven’t seen in her in almost four years. Not only did she stay calm despite my extreme panic, but she took control of the situation, made decisions about it, and then reinforced those decisions – without any guidance or direction whatsoever. For her to do that is so far beyond extraordinary that I can’t even find a word to convey the impact of it.

Because of Glimmer’s quick response, we didn’t have to call an ambulance. Because of her, a trip to the hospital was prevented. Because of her, I was able to get control of my panic and start to calm down. Because of her, I am sitting here now and sharing this extraordinary event with you, the Readers.

From the time we met her when she was just three weeks old, Glimmer has proven herself to be more than just a dog. She saved Charlie’s life and gave us two more years with him, she has been there for us throughout every illness we’ve endured, she has helped heal every troubled dog that has come into our house, she mothered and raised Violet from kittenhood… Glimmer is not an ordinary dog. Not by a long shot. And tonight, she proved herself yet again.

Readers, never underestimate the love your animal companions have for you. When you least expect it, they could blow your mind…


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