Day 22: Lacey Goes Home

It’s been a long three weeks. It’s been challenging and rewarding, frustrating and funny, and more. And today, it all comes to a close. Today, Lacey is going back home. I’ll be spending a few hours with the family to facilitate the introduction process between Lacey and the new baby, to teach the family what I’ve been doing with her, and to teach them how to properly continue that work.

One of Lacey’s biggest problem behaviors is her lack of respect for the rules, boundaries, and limitations her people set out for her. When she came to me three weeks ago, she attempted to practice that same unwanted behavior. She was corrected immediately, and she’s been great ever since. But when she gets home, it’s very likely that she will regress, so it’s important that her people learn the right corrections, as well as how and when to make them.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember: Stay calm and lead on.


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