Glimmer, Lacey, and Other News

Last night, Focused Fido had a group training photo shoot.  I was honored to take part in the event with my girl, Glimmer. Considering she has never worked in a group setting,and considering that she has some anxiety around other dogs – and the other dogs were all much bigger than she is – Glimmer did a fantastic job of everything. I needed some help relaxing [I was expecting too much and I was tense because of Glimmer’s anxiety around other dogs], but Glimmer… Glimmer was awesome. I was so proud of her.  ♥

Today marks Lacey’s 11th day with us. I’m going to be working her hard this week to get her ready to meet the new baby when he comes home at the end of the month. She’s okay, but “okay” is not good enough. She is a working dog, but she’s so far behind in her training that she’s regressed to a point where she’s become little more than a house pet. So, this coming week is going to be a busy week for her. She’s going back into doggy boot camp.

In other news, beginning August 1, new rates for rehabilitation and for all basic obedience courses will be going into effect.  The rate changes will appear on the “Courses & Extras” and the “Rehabilitation Therapy” pages on Aug. 1.

Have a great day, everyone. Remember to stay calm and lead on.


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