Lacey’s Last Day

Lacey went home last night shortly after supper. She was rested, relaxed, and happy. She slept great, she did a great job at meal times eating with our animals, she played a lot, and she didn’t get into any trouble. We did have a bit of a situation with our dog and Lacey really surprised us…

Lacey giving calming pressure

Glimmer had a bit of a hairball. She was trying to cough it up and was having a bit of a hard time doing it. At the time, we didn’t know a hairball was the problem; we only knew something wasn’t right with her. Lacey surprised us by not only using her body to give Glimmer calming pressure, but also by licking at her mouth when Glimmer would start to gag a little. Wild dogs regurgitate food to feed their pups; Lacey was trying to trigger that in Glimmer to help her get rid of what was stuck in her throat.

Several times over the weekend, Lacey became quite vocal about almost everything. When she was outside, she would bark at the neighbors and at anything that moved. When she was inside, she would growl at nothing and exhibit pacing behavior. I did notice that she was spotting quite often – she is in heat – and after observing her for a bit, I realized those behaviors indicated that she was uncomfortable. So, I offered her a bone to chew on to help her get through the worst of her discomfort. For the duration of her visit with us, it was her best friend.

All in all, Lacey was a real joy to have in our home, and we look forward to having her stay with us again when Tanya goes into hospital to have her baby – which we expect will be in the next four to six weeks.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on.


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