Gizmo: Order Completed

Tonight was Gizmo’s fourth court-mandated, 1-hour training session. He’s made tremendous progress in these past four sessions, and so has his owner.  Gizmo is looking more frequently to Chelsea for direction, and Chelsea is learning to take control of her anxiety and tension and become more attuned to Gizmo.  It’s a long, hard road for both of them, but they’re finally starting to build a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Chelsea has decided to continue with Gizmo’s training. Next week, he will start the Basic Obedience course. However, his rehabilitation will also be continuing in order to facilitate his recovery in the most effective way possible. He is still a puppy, so he has a lot to learn about how to interact with humans and other animals. But, with time, patience, consistency, and above all, calm, assertive energy from his owner, he will achieve this goal.

Gizmo is a good dog. He just needs humans to believe in him enough to put in the time and effort to help him be the very best dog he can be. It is my honor and privilege to be chosen to be that human, and I look forward to being part of his and Chelsea’s journey towards balance.


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