Boys in the ‘Hood

What a difference a week makes. Yesterday, I worked with Jax and Finn and their people, Kaylea and Oliver. Last week, Finn was completely unable to focus on anything and he kept trying to attack Glimmer. This week… Well, just take a look at this video:

Oliver and Kaylea have been working really hard with both of the boys – and it shows.  The boys are still barking, but it’s nowhere near the same frequency or intensity it was when I first met them a few weeks ago. In fact, Oliver and Kaylea have been doing a fantastic job with the “quiet” command and its accompanying hand gesture, and making sure to give the boys lots of positive reinforcement when they comply. Both Jax and Finn are making tremendous, positive progress as a result.

Working one on one with the boys, it took no time at all to learn that the instigator for nearly all of the barking is Finn. And, on the walk, Finn is constantly taking, or trying to take, the lead position instead of showing Jax respect by hanging back.  This is partly because Finn is still a puppy – he’s only 5 months old – but he does need to learn that not only is he not the boss of either Jax or his people, but he’s also the proverbial low dog on the totem pole. He will learn how to be respectful, though; it’s just going to take some time, is all. Aside from that, he’s doing fantastic, and Jax is much happier, too.

Have a great day, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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