Ben, Week 16

Ben has been with us 16 weeks – four months – today.  Up until this past week, Ben was making fantastic progress in virtually every area.  But since Violet has been home and he’s had to be in forced isolation because of his predatory behavior towards her, he can’t work like he needs to. It doesn’t help that the weather has been too cold for him to be doing anything outside other than his business. As a result of all of this, Ben is starting to show signs of stress.

Last Saturday, he met a couple of potential adopters. The couple were very nice, and they both brought very good energy to the meeting. Ben did really well with both of them, though he did pull on the leash trying to explore the unfamiliar area we were at. But, overall, it was a very positive meeting – very calm and relaxed – and the couple said they were “very keen” [their words] to adopt him. Neither I nor DINO have heard from them since the meeting.

DINO has not been able to find a safe placement for Ben to go to until he is adopted. Forced isolation is not healthy for any animal. The longer it continues, the greater the risk of Ben reverting to the anxious, mistrustful, fearful dog he was 4 months ago. He’s already beginning to show signs that the separation anxiety I worked so hard to help him overcome is returning; the longer he is kept in isolation, the worse the problem will become, and the greater the risk becomes of undoing all of the work that’s been put into him over the past 4 months.

For those who have been following Ben’s journey from the start, you know how far this dog has come in the time he’s been with us. You know how hard he has worked to learn to trust humans. And you know how much he needs and deserves a loving forever home with the right people who can and will meet his needs. If you can help me find the right forever home for him, please contact me directly, or get in touch with DINO Rescue.  Ben is a very special dog with very specific needs, and he will prove himself to be a real angel and a huge blessing to the right people.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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