Unexpected Change

Yesterday, due to circumstances beyond our control, we had to bring Violet home. If you’ve been following Ben’s journey, you will know this is not good. Since Violet has been home, in order to protect her, we have had to put Ben back on the leash at all times, as well as keep him separated either in the office with me, or in the kennel. Naturally, this has created a very stressful situation not only for Ben, but for Violet, our dog Glimmer, and us, too.

Since Violet’s return home yesterday, we have been actively seeking a safe placement for Ben.  Isolating him all the time is not healthy.  As of this posting, we have not found that safe place.

This evening, Ben is being taken to the vet. A lump about half the size of a golf ball was discovered inside his penile sheath. I don’t know what it is, or how long it’s been growing. I only know that it was not visible before today. I will post an update about this when I have more information.

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