General Updates

Good day to everyone. I’ve just finished revamping this site in an effort to make it more appealing and easier to navigate. Please use the comment section to let me know if I’ve succeeded.

If you are a client (past or present) and you’re happy with me and my work, please take a minute to let me know. For trainers like me, word of mouth is very important to our goal of helping humans and their animal companions build and maintain strong and lasting bonds with each other.

If you live in or near Calgary, Alberta, a “Meet Ben” event is being held this Saturday from noon to 2pm in the east parking lot at Prairie Winds Park.  The more people who can attend this event, the better the chances of finding Ben his permanent forever home. He’s been in the foster system for most of his three years of life; he deserves a loving forever home.

Thank you to everyone who’s following this blog. Your support is greatly appreciated! Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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