Ben, Week 12

img_0073  Ben is making phenomenal progress. Using one of our bath mats as a temporary tool [we’re getting working mats this weekend], we’ve spent this past week working on “place”. This is a critical part of Ben’s learning, as he’s still crowding us, as well as visitors. “Place” not only helps him learn boundaries, it also helps him learn to respect those boundaries. I’ll be working Ben on the exercise later today via live feed on Facebook; he hasn’t perfected the exercise yet but he’s doing a phenomenal job of trying to master it.

Next weekend [Feb. 18], weather permitting, I am holding a meet-Ben event at our local park. Although DINO has him listed on a few different websites, he’s consistently being left behind as other rescues are brought forward into the public’s awareness. He’s not getting the exposure he needs in order for him to find the right forever family. As his foster, I feel obligated to do whatever I can to help him stay in or close to the spot light as much as possible until I find the right forever home for him.

Overall, Ben is making wonderful progress. We are very, very proud of how far he has come in 12 weeks. Of course, we will be continuing to work him – teaching and training never stops – but at this point in time, Ben is a happy, playful, spirited boy who is learning all the time about what it means to be part of a family.  We do love him so….

Have a great day, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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