Ben, Week 11: Progress Report

Ben has been with us for 11 weeks today. He has made huge strides forward in most areas. As his sense of security and stability continues to strengthen, deeper issues are beginning to show themselves, but he’s working very hard to overcome them. So far, he’s doing a fantastic job of it. He will never be able to be around cats, birds, rodents, and other small animals, but on the whole, he has made – and he is continuing to make – tremendous strides forward into a more balanced state.

Ben is a very loving, playful, loyal dog. He walks beautifully on a leash, and he’s gotten much better about ignoring dogs barking at us from their yards. He has also made huge strides forward with being kenneled; he still exhibits anxiety when we leave, but it’s only for a couple of minutes and then he calms down. He’s good for about 3 hours, now, before he starts feeling anxious again. I know this because I’ve been timing him as often as possible.

Ben needs and deserves a loving forever family. He is ready for it. Please help me help Ben find his permanent forever family…


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