Three Weeks

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Last night, Violet was moved to our daughter’s home for her safety and well-being. She will remain there until Ben is adopted. We will be visiting every couple of days so Violet knows we haven’t abandoned her.

Today marks Ben’s third week with us. He can now move freely around the house. So far, he’s behaving himself. Today will be the first full day of freedom for him, so we’ll see how things go with his behavior. His behavior will determine whether or not the leash goes back on him.

With Violet safe, Ben’s training will be going into high gear. He will be working throughout the day, every day, until he is as close to being as calm and as balanced as I can get him. He will never be fully balanced – he will always have problems around small creatures – but I can get him close enough that he will be a wonderful companion to his new family… when I find them.

I will be posting more videos. They will serve as visual documentation of Ben’s progress.

Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…

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