Testing for Trial

Today is “Free-walk Friday” – the day where Glimmer gets to control the walk.  It’s her reward for working hard all week. But because her CGN trial is tomorrow (we’re very excited!), I’m going to be working her through all of her lessons. As well as her basics (sit, come, down, heel, stay, etc.), we’re going to be practicing these lessons:

— in-store distractions (people, shopping carts, etc.)
— parking-lot long-line and short-line recall and heel
— door conditioning
— sit-stay when greeting other people
— down-stay while talking with other people
— ignoring other dogs
— obedience with secondary handler during a 3-minute absence
— down-stay with distractions (people, dogs, etc.)

This may not seem like work to a human, but to a dog, it’s a lot of work – and it’s exhausting. But, it’s also highly rewarding, because you’ve made your dog feel happy and fulfilled. When your dog feels happy and fulfilled, your mutual bond is strengthened.

Have a great day and a great weekend ahead, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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