Final Preparations

Happy Monday. Today marks the start of the final, week-long push to get Glimmer ready for her CGN trial.  We’re going to be focusing mainly on sit-stay, down-stay, and distraction training with other people and their dogs. This latter test is very important, as Glimmer will be dealing with these types of distractions on a regular basis, and she must remain calm and not break position. She did an excellent job with this last week, when we stopped at a local daycare as a reward for her having done so well with her shaping and confidence-building work.  As the video below shows, she did a fantastic job of maintaining a sit and allowing the children to touch and pet her while the school buses pulled up beside the center and the traffic zoomed by on the main road:

The weather has been forecast to be less than ideal for outdoor work today, so we’re going to be working indoors instead.  Have a great day, and remember to stay calm and lead on…


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