Back to Business

While it’s been a few weeks since the past posting, we have not been idle.  I’ve been away on holidays, and Glimmer has been in training for the CGN test since I got back.  We’ve been doing lots of long-line, short-line, loose-leash, and distraction training, we’ve been practicing luring, shaping, desensitization, and conditioning, and we’ve recently resumed work on a variety of support tasks. We still have a lot of work to do, but overall, Glimmer has been making tremendous progress.  Her confidence has increased, she’s trusting more often, she’s looking to me for guidance much more often, and her anxiety level when facing things that make her nervous has dropped dramatically.  It’s all very positive and encouraging; every day, she gets one paw closer to meeting and passing the CGN test requirements.

Now that I’m back in business after a nice vacation, I can take on new clients.  So, if you live in or near the Calgary, Alberta area and you’d like to book a consultation or arrange a training schedule that works for you, call the number shown on the sidebar of this blog.  We’ll discuss your needs and go from there.  🙂

Have a great day and an awesome weekend, and remember to stay calm and lead on…



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