Building Confidence

Happy TGIF Day! It’s been a busy week: I’ve been working hard on helping Glimmer master her basics, as well as doing long-line work, distraction training, and shaping work to help build her confidence and overcome her anxieties. She’s made fantastic progress. She’s getting better at maintaining the correct heel position during the walk, she’s coming to me instead of trying to run away from me when she gets nervous, and her anxieties about traffic signs and traffic cones is all but gone. She’s also made remarkable improvements in her sit-stay and down-stay when we’re in busy locations like stores, and she’s been doing it all without food rewards as motivators.

Beginning next week, I’ll be adding vehicle training to the exercises. Although she has never had a bad experience in or even near it, Glimmer is very anxious about the car. She can get in with no trouble, but getting her out calmly is a real challenge. She has a tendency to try to bolt the second the door is opened. She must overcome this and learn to exit calmly, go into an immediate sit position, and hold that position until she is released.

All in all, Glimmer is doing an awesome job. If she continues progressing as she is, she just might be ready to take the CGN test before the end of the year.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and remember to stay calm and lead on…

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