New News

Happy “Hump Day” to everyone!  I am happy to report that the new phone is up and running. It was added to the sidebar on this site, as well as to the new website I’ve been working on, lately.

Regarding the family with Buddy, I received word from them that the people who were going to adopt him have changed their minds and the family still has the dog. If or when Buddy is re-homed, they will let me know.

With our weather being rather chilly and damp, lately, working outside has not been an option. So, I have been working to create a training arena in my basement complete with obstacles and lots of distractions that help teach both the humans and their dogs how to focus -and stay focused – on each other.  My cat, Violet, is also included in the sessions, because she is a great distraction, and because she enjoys learning, too – mostly for the treats, but also, because it’s interesting to her, and just like dogs, cats also need to drain out mental and physical pent-up energy.

Regarding Lacey, her owner tells me that the pup is progressing quite nicely. She still needs a lot of work on her recall, and she is still getting vocal when she doesn’t want to work. I’ve suggested to the owner that making the lessons more interesting and fun – e.g. making a maze for Lacey to work her way through – will alleviate the boredom Lacey is feeling towards her lessons. I’ve explained that this will not only drain out her pent-up mental energy, it also aids in her overall development.

Last but not least, I am working on a partnership with a friend to use her pool for canine water therapy.  I am meeting with her on Sunday to discuss the matter further.  This is a very important service that can make a huge difference to dogs who need this kind of help, and while it will only be available during the summer months for now, it’s a start.  If or when I am able to partner with someone with an indoor pool, I will be able to offer water therapy services all year long.  For now, this is a wonderful start, and I appreciate the partnership very much.

That’s all for now. I wish everyone a calm, assertive day!


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