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Happy Friday!  There are some updates to let you know about, so I’ll get right to it.

— I now have a contact number!  It is in the Contact information on the sidebar.

— I have created a new YouTube channel specifically for training videos. The YouTube link on the sidebar has been updated accordingly.  FYI: 100 or more subscribers will get me closer to the ability to create a customized URL for the channel.  🙂

— Regarding the dog I assessed recently (Buddy), the family contacted me and informed me that they decided to return him to the rescue for re-homing. I am very happy to report that a family was waiting in the wings for him.  It was a very difficult decision for my clients to make, but due to circumstances I am not at liberty to discuss, they did what they believe was in Buddy’s best interests. Because I know the circumstances they were dealing with, I fully support their decision.  Now, they are looking for another dog, but they are choosing to go through a breeder. They have asked me to assist them with this process and to train the dog when they find the right one for them.

— Though I did not document this, I was recently called on for help with a 1-year-old Sheltie. The owner has trained him to a certain degree but was having trouble with him becoming overly excited around people and other dogs.  I met the owner and the dog yesterday… and I’m very happy to say that this beautiful little boy is not only incredibly smart, but overall, he’s quite obedient. And his owner has an excellent handle on what she’s doing.  All she really needed was some tweaking in how she’s conveying what she wants, and she was good to go. Once she got the idea, she was able to put it into practice and enjoy the benefits of her puppy actually getting what she was asking of him. It was beautiful to see the transformation in both human and dog.

— Below is the video I mentioned in the previous post.  You will notice that Lacey’s responses to her human are different from her responses to me. If you listen carefully, you will also notice that there are subtle vocal differences between Lacey’s human and me, and that Lacey responds very specifically to those differences.

Have a great day and a great weekend, and thanks for visiting and commenting!


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