Exercising Clarity

Lacey has been making very good progress with her basic lessons. As you can see in this short video, she is still vocalizing during exercises, and she is not coming all the way in and sitting when she is called. But, progress is progress, and at 6 months of age, Lacey is doing quite well.

Regress, Progress

Happy Wednesday. A few things going on, so let’s get to it. Lacey is almost 6 months old, now. She is doing very well in some areas, but she needs work in other areas.  On the up-side, her sit/stay, down/stay, and recall is improving, and Tanya has been teaching her to ignore food distractions during

Change It Up

Good Thursday to everyone!  Today’s post is about the importance of keeping your dog engaged and interested when you’re going through routine lessons like sit, down, stay, and so on.  Just like we humans, dogs get bored when they’re doing the same lessons the same way all the time. Some dogs will become vocal, other