Site Updates

Happy Friday!  Some changes have been made or are in progress that you need to know about.

The “About” page has been updated to include a little more information about what to expect when working with me, as well as more clarity regarding my training fees.

A telephone number is being obtained and will be posted on the front page when the work order has been completed and the line is up and running.  I’m hoping to have this done some time in the coming week.

Rescue organizations, Foster families, and Adoptive families

Basic Obedience training is free of charge only if I am working in the organization’s holding facility itself.  Fosters are given a 50% rate discount – provided they have documentation proving they are currently fostering for a rescue organization.  Adoptive families are subject to the standard fees.  Fees are located on the “About” page.

PLEASE NOTE:  Documentation provided by foster families is checked and verified before any training services are initiated.

If you have any questions regarding this or other related matters, please contact me.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!


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