Preparing for Work

Lacey has been home with her family for two full days, now.  They have been enjoying her and working with her, and things have been going very well for all of them. While she has been with them, I have shopped for – and bought – counter bells with with to teach Lacey to alert when she needs to potty.  For reasons I am not understanding, she alerts her family when she needs to potty, but she does not alert me.  In fact, she doesn’t even try to alert me; she just stops whatever she’s doing, and does her business on my carpets.  By employing the “Pavlov’s Dog” method, I’m hoping to house-break her once and for all.

This coming week is going to be busy for Lacey. She is going to be working on everything from basic obedience and interruption-response and grounding, to ignoring food and anything else that is dropped on the floor.  She does an excellent job of laying quietly under the table when people are eating, but she has to learn not to touch any food that falls to the floor.  She also has to learn not to take food away from small humans (read: children).  For this particular exercise, I’m enlisting the help of my granddaughters; they have assisted me before with this exercise and the results were fairly good.

Lacey turned 15 weeks old yesterday (Saturday).  She is gaining weight, and she’s gaining height and length.  She is thriving and happy, and she loves to learn new things.  She does tend towards impatience when it comes to food rewards, but that will change as she gets older.  She’s still a puppy, after all.

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