Going Home

Yesterday, I received word that in a couple of weeks, Lacey “Little” is going home to her forever family.  None of us anticipated or even hoped for this to happen so soon.  But, Lacey is desperately needed, so the universe has been busy putting the necessary circumstances together so that she can be where she most needs to be.

I am truly happy that Lacey can finally be with her forever family. They need her – their autistic son, especially, desperately needs her.  During the day, when her family is at work and at school, I will be caring for her and continuing her training. Three nights a week, I will be holding one-hour training sessions in their home and helping them and her bond with each other.

On a different note, I was finally able to get some video of one of our focused training sessions. I use a 6-foot lead with Lacey; I find it is much more helpful during recall training than a 4-foot lead. Constructive comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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