Lacey is possessive with everything from toys to food, and even with humans.  She bullies Glimmer to get these things and barks right in her face as a kind of exclamation mark.  This has been an issue since Lacey first came to us – and just a few minutes ago, it finally came to an end.

Well, for now, at least.  Here’s what happened.

Glimmer had a toy and she invited me to play with her.  I accepted, and we began a mild game of tug.  Lacey jumped at Glimmer’s face to get the toy away from her, and Glimmer rounded on her with a loud growl, bark, and a cuff.  Lacey immediately dropped to the floor in submission…. and then, miracle of miracles, she started chewing on her bone.  She did make a couple more attempts to interrupt the play, but the second she started, I stopped playing so that Glimmer could deal with her.  Now, Glimmer is laying peacefully in the cat’s bed (LOL) and Lacey is laying in Glimmer’s bed, happily chewing on her bone.

Finally, there is peace in this valley…. for now….. 😀


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