Finding Balance

Lacey had a much better day yesterday.  We worked off and on all day: We did in-kennel/out-kennel training, we started working on the “heel” position, we practiced “sit” and “down”, and we learned “gentle” when approaching Glimmer and Violet. Glimmer and Violet are helping with this by allowing Lacey near them, by smelling her, and by letting her smell them. Lacey seems to be starting to understand that the interaction she wants with them can only occur if she is calm.

Nighttime is a bit challenging. Lacey does not like being kenneled at any time, but especially, at bedtime.  She can handle it for about an hour or two, but after that, she starts whining, yipping, and howling to be released.  She’s happy to sleep in one of the dog beds – and she does sleep through the night in those situations. But she does need to learn to accept being kenneled, because there are going to be times throughout her life when being left loose won’t be an option.

House-breaking is not going as well as it should. Lacey is being taken out regularly to do her business, but she is still going in the house, too.  And, she is not using the training pads, despite being encouraged to do so and despite being rewarded on the rare occasions that she does use them.  However, when she is with her family, she is not having in-house accidents at all.  I’m not sure what the difference is between our houses, but whatever it is, I know Lacey will eventually succeed and do her business outside every time, no matter where she is.

Lacey has challenges and issues, but I will not give up on helping her.  I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to help her become balanced so that she can live her best life with her forever family.  I have never given up on a dog, nor will I.  Unless there is something medically wrong with them, no dog is so far gone that they cannot be helped to overcome their negative experiences and become happy.


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