Distractions and Distractions

Yesterday, I put Lacey and Glimmer in their respective harnesses, tethered them together, and took them to a local business owner who has given me long-standing permission to use his store for distraction training exercises. It was Lacey’s second time in the store.  Her first time was to introduce her to the owner and his

Learning to Walk

Last night’s training session with Lacey and her family consisted of a short walk.  The goal was two-fold: Improve the use of the leash, and teach Lacey’s human boy how to lead her with the leash. The walk itself went very well, with Lacey doing her best to maintain a heel position in spite of

Going Home

Yesterday, I received word that in a couple of weeks, Lacey “Little” is going home to her forever family.  None of us anticipated or even hoped for this to happen so soon.  But, Lacey is desperately needed, so the universe has been busy putting the necessary circumstances together so that she can be where she