First Vet Run

Lacy has had ongoing bouts with diarrhea since she came to foster with us.  Last night, she had an accident in the house and I noticed the poop was very bloody.  I collected it as best I could, then called Lacey’s forever family and told them she needed to see a vet immediately.

After all was said and done, Lacey is now on the road to optimum health.  To our immense relief, the poop tested negative for Parvo, Giardia, and all other infectious, contagious diseases.  But Lacey is now on antibiotics to clear up whatever is going on inside her gut, and she’s been put on a diet of soft gastro-intestinal food. She also has a package of pro-biotics sprinkled on her food once a day.  Lacey is very thin – feeling along her body, her hips and ribs were quite prominent, but because she’s so fluffy, no one noticed that, including me.  But thanks to our phenomenal vet team at Castleridge Animal Hospital, we now know the true state of her health.

Lacey was born Dec. 19, 2015.  She will be ten weeks old on Saturday.  She had one vaccination and one de-worming treatment on Feb. 12. They were administered to her by the original owner, who lives on a farm and takes care of the veterinary care for his animals.  We never did meet him, though Lacey’s forever family made several requests to do so.  Instead, we had to deal with the owner’s proxy, who cared for Lacey and her siblings and handled their adoptions.

It’s very fortunate for Lacey that the right family found her when they did.  She has been a very sick little puppy…


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