Preparing for Lacey

Tonight, Lacey arrives at our home, where her training for life as a working dog will begin.  My dog, Glimmer, will be assisting me with Lacey’s basic obedience training. Not only is Glimmer an incredibly patient dog, she is also a phenomenal teacher, and Lacey will greatly benefit from Glimmer’s mentoring.

While we are fostering Lacey, I will be working very closely with her forever family. They will be learning basic obedience, as well as the commands Lacey will be taught to execute when her autistic human child is exhibiting the behaviors that indicate he is overwhelmed and unable to cope with a situation. It is very important that Lacey’s forever family participates in both her upbringing and her training; I believe in familiarizing a working dog with their forever family while they’re in training so that when the time comes for them to be together full-time, the transition from my home to their full-time home won’t be stressful for either the family or the dog.

On that note, it’s time to get preparations underway for Lacey’s arrival. Have a great day!


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