Lacey is a sweet little pup who loves to be around people and who loves to play with our cat Violet. But she has absolutely no understanding at all of correct social behavior around other dogs, including our dog Glimmer.  Instead of sniffing and using play bows to invite interaction, Lacey tends to chase and

First Vet Run

Lacy has had ongoing bouts with diarrhea since she came to foster with us.  Last night, she had an accident in the house and I noticed the poop was very bloody.  I collected it as best I could, then called Lacey’s forever family and told them she needed to see a vet immediately. After all

Progress and Plans

Lacey is 9 weeks old today.  She is making wonderful progress with her potty training, and she’s developing the ability to focus during our training sessions.  She is doing very well with the “sit” command, and she is learning “leave it”, “off”, and “down/lay down”.  She is also practicing “chew toy” – a command which