Watch It

It’s important to me to be able to share my training methods with people. When we got our dog, Glimmer, we made a promise to the adopters that we would keep them updated about her life to the best of our abilities.  One of the ways we honored that promise was to set up a YouTube channel for her. We got her when she was just 4 weeks old; at 5 weeks of age, she started learning Basic Obedience.

Over the past three years, Glimmer has grown and advanced in ways I could never have imagined. Since late spring of 2015, we have had a few new animals come into our lives for training, and she has proven to be an amazing teacher and helper with all of them. I shared those training videos on her YouTube channel to not only pay tribute to the hard work she does for me, but also, to show others how awesome she is.

Now, those videos are available to you, too, so you can see how I train. I’ve put the link to Glimmer’s YouTube channel on the sidebar. Please visit her channel – and if you like the videos, please leave a comment there.  I’d love to hear from you!



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